Teaching Kids Web Design In Middle School

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                  Teaching Kids Web Design

Most people can’t seem to grasp how truly simple the process of web design can be. IT’s the approach that matters, and this is one thing which can be taught even to children. In their case, this has to be made interesting if they are to learn it well. And simplicity is an important factor in garnering interest. Following are some of the things to remember while teaching website design to middle school students.

  • Let them know what a bad website looks like. They’d initially think that such a site would have few animations or color. Let them know that these are important factors, but other things matter as well, such as the information and layout.
  • Show them the color wheel and explain how it’s used in web design. If they’re old enough to understand, show them how to use codes for colors. Make it a fun activity to find complementary and contrasting colors. Take the students outdoors and get them to observe the environment through the eyes of a designer.
  • Teach font selection and layout by explaining the details. Let them know the difference between what’s used on kids’ websites, and professional ones.
  • Show them how to use images. Pictures are essential to the kind of websites they’re learning to build. Explain how photography figures in the picture, and how it’s important in areas like sports and entertainment.
  • Explain the difference between design and development. Explain this in terms of other stuff like cars, or any other object, and make comparisons they can relate to.
  • Teach how animations are designed. They’ll only know what these look like when they’re done, so let them try out flip animations on a shortpad and get acquainted with the underlying substance. Explain how the changing frames are similar to flipping pages.

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                           Web Design In School

  • Show them the source code of the site. Even though this is not strictly the work of a web design professional, they’d do well to stay informed in the area. Right click and select “View Page Source” from a loaded web page to display the source code.

These are some of the things to do when teaching children to design websites. Make sure you have their interest by throwing in fun activities every once in a while, and get them to understand how useful such a skill can be in the future.

Acquaint With Free Web Design Programs

Free Web Design Software

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A website has become an inevitable part of all businesses. People have started to depend on websites for all their needs.  Therefore, it is important that you have a website to support your business. Now, most of you might be thinking that website designing is a job, which could be done only by professionals. However, with the release of many content management systems or CMS, this is no longer a matter of concern. CMS helps you to build websites from scratch with a few simple steps. All you need to do is select your preferences and with a few additions, your website would be ready.

In this post, we will take you through some of the major CMS programs in the world.


Joomla! is one of the major software packages that aid in building custom websites. It lays down less emphasis on blogging. The template manager of this program helps in managing the existing templates with ease and thus allows the use of new layouts easier. You will be also able to make use of some free plugins for your website like the shopping cart and the plugins for subscription service.


WordPress is widely used for blogging purposes around the world. However, this software will also help you in building high quality websites. This is an open source program. After you install it, it is easily customizable with simple drag and drop functions. There are numerous add-ons for this service, which will help you to make your website look better.


You can easily develop modules for Drupal. Just like WordPress, Drupal has a community of developers. You will also receive additional modules at the time of installation. Another advantage of Drupal is that you would receive code skeletons, with which you can develop plugins. With Drupal, you can work with multiple websites. It should be noted that Drupal works only with Apache servers. Therefore, if you are not planning to host the website on this server, make use of other free web design software applications.

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All the above-mentioned programs were free web design software applications. However, in order to make use of ExpressionEngine, you need to pay 100 dollars. This will give you a personal license. Expression Engine is highly flexible and you can manage many websites with it.

So, if you are planning to build a website for your business, make use of any of the above-mentioned programs and build high quality websites.

Tips To Make A Free Webpage

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A website is a necessity for all businesses these days. Having a website will offer more online visibility and will help the firm to get business online. A website with a good design is very important to attract the customers. It is always expensive to make and maintain a website and it can prove to be more expensive if you hire a professional to do the job for you. If you are not in a situation to hire a professional to make the website for you, you can make a quality website for yourself with help from the different tools and websites that help you to make free websites.

Another great thing is that you need not have any web design skills to make websites with the help of free web design software. If you do not have any special requirements, it will be easier for you to design the websites on your own. Some of the tips to use free web design software are shared below in this article.


  • As the first step, you will need to open an account with a free Web hosting service. You will be able to find many such services that can help you host web pages. Some of them can also help you host generic web pages like blogs. Searching online for free Web hosting services will offer you many links to such services. The basic features will be offered free of charge but you will need to pay for the advanced features and to get additional storage space.

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  • The next step is to customize the free templates that are available to make a visually appealing and attractive website for your business. Usually the templates are very much user friendly and you will be able to tweak these templates to meet your web design needs. You will be able to customize the templates without any knowledge or skills in web designing or programming.
  • If you need to make the web design more interesting, you can learn HTML and CSS. This will help you to get an in depth knowledge in web designing and will help you to understand what you are doing. These are very simple and there are online tutorials that can help you learn HTML and CSS.

These are some of the simple free web design tips to make a website for your business on your own.

Learn Web Designing For Free

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Even though the best way to learn web designing is by endorsing yourself with a series of official classes, you still have a better option. This depends on the passion that you have for learning web designing. For those passionate designers who are keen to learn web designing, there are various resources available online that can be of great help. To learn web designing efficiently with the resources available, you need to have a basic idea about web designing and most importantly you should have the ability to learn yourself. Read on to know more on how to gain knowledge with the help of free web design tips.

Get as much information as you can. Make use of the powerful medium called internet for the research work. In reality, internet is a network of computers that communicates or exchanges information back and forth. Therefore, when you create a website you are creating another source where people can fetch information that they need.

You need to have an idea on how these web designs work. You need to have a clear idea on the functionalities of each command you use. A website is nothing but a folder that consists of many files and folders put together in the way that you have designed.

You need to know the languages that are associated with web designing. Try to get information about the different languages that people make use of and get to know about the latest trends in the languages used. Some people use HTML while some of the other languages used in web designing are Flash, PHP, JavaScript and many more.

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Another imperative aspect that you need to know about web designing is the different elements used to make up the website like the content, pictures, themes, fonts and many more. You need to see that these elements that are added do not spoil the web design in anyway, because people do not like bizarre and flashy designs.

If you have a friend or somebody acquainted as a web designer, observe the work that he or she does. You might come across new styles that you were never aware of. When you get new ideas, you can start incorporating it into the learning process and mould yourself into a good website designer. When you have designed the website, check the navigation of the site. Navigation needs to be smooth, which is a major challenge for website designers.

Even when you learn with the help of free web design tutorials over the internet, without any formal courses, there is a great chance of you becoming a proficient web designer.

Salary Range For Web Designers

Web Designers

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The main function of a web designer is the development and design of websites. It is the job of the web designer to create a well to do good-looking layout and design for the website. The job of a web designer is similar to that of a graphic designer; however, the web designer has a more complicated one as he has to know HTML for creating good layouts for the website.

Often, graphic designers and web designers perform the job of one another. The advantage of hiring a web designer is that he could easily do graphic designing; however, a graphic designer will have some trouble designing websites for the first few times, as he might be totally illiterate about coding languages like HTML.

Even though the salary of a web designer completely depends on the talent he has, the starting salary for a mediocre level designer may start from $35,000 to $38,000. However, the salary survey website PayScale has found that designers with about five years of experience were able to get salary in the range of $47,000 to $51,000. But, another company that provides specialized staffing services going by the name Robert Half International found that designers were able to bag about $47,000 to $71,500 salary for the year.

After two years of time, most of the salary survey sites have agreed upon the fact that the average salary of web designers has increased to $59,000. Indeed, salary websites too confirmed that they have got the same results from their survey conducted in 2009. The website also found that the salary for graphic designers for the year of 2009 ranged from about $43,000 to $57,000. They came to the conclusion from the data that these designers made about $51,000 annually.

However, you will be amazed to know from the surveys that a web designer who works on flash

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designs was able to get about $64,000 a year in 2009. So, since it is five years past the surveyed year, the designers would now be able to get more than hundred grand as annual salary. Some of the experienced and senior designers brag about their million-dollar salary. However, you ought to have high level of creativity and hard work for achieving that phase. The problems with web designing jobs include having no consistency of job and the high stress associated with it.

However, people having a genuine interest in designing and with high creative intellect can shine in the field.

What Makes Responsive Web Design Special?

Responsive Web Design

Web Design Issues

Responsive website designs are gaining popularity, nowadays, due to the optimal viewing experience it offers to users. A responsive web design changes appearance as well as layout of a website based on the size of the screen of the device, on which you are viewing it. Usually, if you try to check a website on your web-enabled phone, you would require constant zooming-in-and-out to view the contents. This often puts users in an irritating situation. However, responsive website designs offer an app like viewing experience to the customers.

Key features of a responsive website design are:

Screen size

  • As mentioned earlier, in case of responsive website designs, the website automatically adjusts according to the screen size and orientation of the device that you are using. It can adjust into any shape viz. large or small, landscape or portrait, depending on your device’s screen.

Adaptive layouts

  • Here, the layout of the website can change to fit the device used to view it. This is because if you are viewing the website on a desktop, it would be easy to read and use. But if you are using a smartphone to view the same website, the Menu option would shrink to a dropdown menu.

Option to select content for different devices

  • The responsive web design determines the amount of content that you can view on your device. For example, while checking such a website in your smartphone, you might see only 4 recent blog posts, which increase to 8 in number when you view the same on your desktop.

Improved accessibility

  • One of the best aspects of responsive websites is that they can be accessed even by people with visual, motor, or other impairments. As a result, it makes your website popular and helps you abide by the legislation such as Section 508 (USA), Ontarians with Disabilities Act (Ontario, Canada).

Preferred by search engines

  • The responsive websites are search engine friendly, and let you read content easily. The fact
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    is that without such responsive designs, you may accidentally duplicate content on a mobile and non mobile website. This could lead to further issues that would affect your content’s rankings in the search engines, and that can even lead to a ranking penalty.

These are some of the amazing features of a responsive website design. For more information regarding the features of responsive websites, please check our official website.

Some Web Inspiration Ideas Taken From Magazine Layouts

Web Design Inspiration

         Inspiration For Web Design

Web designing is a field that is getting much importance and highlights these days. This is mainly because of the increase in number of websites. Nowadays, we can find websites for all companies and businesses, which they use to market services and products. Besides these, there are also many educational websites intended for various educational and other purposes. A website typically features some linkable content helping the users to know in depth about a subject by broadening the reach of subject matter. However, when considering the web design, the print design principles cannot be applied always. Now, take a look at some web design inspiration ideas taken from Magazine Layouts.


It is important that you integrate right images that properly describe the services or products offered by the company. For e.g. If you have a business of selling flowers, then it is better to choose an image of a catchy image of a bouquet containing beautiful flowers; and if you run a business related to automobiles, then get a picture of a car or any vehicle with an appropriate heading.

Text formatting

If you take a magazine and check how its features are represented, you will see that most often a feature will not have more than three typefaces. Mostly, these typefaces include one for smaller and larger headlines, the other for the paragraphs and finally and one for the captions. This will help your website look formal and attractive.

Pull quotes

When a great quote from the article is pulled or displayed more notably on a web page, then it is literally called as a pull quote. When choosing the pull quote, it necessarily need not be a quote from very popular celebrities but it should be something from a clear statement, which you want to pass on to those who are visiting your website or webpage. This will motivate the customers to stay on the site and read rest of the content.


                   Web Design Ideas

Drop-in pictures

Besides the hero image, you also need to include more pictures on your web page. This is mainly done to increase and maintain the visual interest. You can also combine both pull quotes containing smaller images in the place of the hero image. This will make your website look different from the conventional types of websites.

In addition, you need to include some box outs illustrating the list of products and services or the price ranges associated with your services or products.

These are some of the web design inspiration ideas taken from Magazine layouts. Implement the same and you are sure to get a web design that is both readable and visually appealing.

A Comparison Of Different Web Design Software Packages

Web Design Software

         Picking The Best Design Software

There are different web design software out in the market and selecting the right one will determine how successful your website is. From designing the layout of the website to creating interesting designs, inserting text and optimizing the website layout in order to get a higher SEO rank is just one of the several tasks that the website design software must be able to handle.

Here is a list of pointers that will let you pick out the best software that suits your needs.

  • First off, before you list out the features of various software, you need to evaluate the list of features that your own website should have. All the special wants and needs of your website will act as a good selection criteria using which you can sort out different software.
  • Look through the various designs that are in vogue and look into different software that will be able to cater to this particular need. A proper study of the present design trend is crucial.
  • Before you start naming out different software that are crowd favourites, list out the different types of software that are available out in the market. A close evaluation of your needs will help you narrow down the software that is required.
  • Look into which software will provide the best customer support. You do not want the best tool in your hands only to realize later that it is hopelessly complex to operate. What you need is instant support and help any time your employees require it.

    Website Design Software

    Points On Choosing Web Design Software

  • An often left out point is checking the compatibility of your particular software package. This should match up with the systems you own at your workplace or else you might end up creating a fiasco once you have purchased the software only to realize that you cannot run it. Most software programs list out their minimum requirements that are required.
  • As any company purchase is required, you need to know which company provides the most features at the minimum price package. As a general rule, what you pay is what you get, so do not be a miser when you resort to using a particular design software.

Hopefully, this will give you some pointers on selecting the right design software that suits your needs. Making the right choice when it comes to selecting the web design software should be your first step in the right direction.

Incredibly Useful Web Designing Tools


 Web Designer Tools

Over the last few years, we have witnessed incredible growth in an entirely new generation of web sites. Most of the websites these days have been developed by employing various tools. Actually, when it comes to web designing, the tools used play a huge role in deciding the results. These devices and resources helps in the development of quality and innovative web designs. Check out the list of incredibly useful software tools and resources for a web designer team. Here they are:


This is probably the most popular and most useful tool that – if you are a web designer – you cannot live without. This excellent graphic application can very well be considered as the bread and butter of a website designer. You will see most website designers using Adobe Photoshop for all their web designs. It is difficult to willingly trade it for anything else. The main use of Photoshop is for retouching pictures, enhancing the quality of images, website layouts and web designs. You can even create some graphics logo.


Dreamweaver improves the convenience of website designers. Those, who are not good at traditional HTML and CSS coding or those, who do not prefer coding done in notepad, can use this application. Dreamweaver is an excellent web designing tool that can even be used to add code snippets. This way, working with codes can be made more efficient and faster.


There is no denying the fact that motion is the future. Many experts say that Web 3.0 will introduce an era of moving media websites. Most information will be presented in the form of moving media. Flash is the most appealing piece of software tool that can help in creating videos and graphic animation to attract the visitor’s attention.


Though Photoshop can be used for improving the quality of pictures and for designing logos, Illustrator is a much powerful tool for logo creation and print creation. This, along with Photoshop, can be extremely useful for your web designing efforts.


         Good Web Designer


Niice is an excellent web design tool, which operates as a design search engine. This helps in pulling results from Dribbble, Designspiration and Behance.

FireFox Font Inspector

The free community Mozilla has added a new typography-centric tool called the “Font Inspector” to its new Development tools “DevTools”.


This a simple, drag-and-drop tool allowing you to generate screenshots of products within seconds.

Hope you enjoyed reading the list. You can try out these tools for your web designing efforts.

Important Tips On Website Development

Web Site Design

                         Web Designing Works

Website Development or web site design works are very crucial these days. It is because people always surf the internet to view websites of firms that can provide them with services and products they want to buy. Are you the owner of a business firm? Then it is imperative that you hire the services of a professional web designing firm that can assure you advanced web site design solutions.

Web design works

Web site design firms are increasing in number like never before. One of the best ways to get the contact information of a professional web designing firm is to check on the internet. You will certainly come across many firms. It is always better to make a comparative study about the quality and rates of the web designing companies. This will help you to select a web development firm that suits your budget and requirements in the most perfect manner.

You can see that web designing always encompass numerous skills and disciplines, especially in the maintenance and production of websites. This is the reason why you need go for web designing firms that can assure you with top-notch services and web designing solutions. It is advisable for you to check the recent works of a web designing company before you hire them. This way, you will get a better idea regarding their work quality and professionalism. You can also discuss and share with them your ideas regarding web designing.

The brilliant team of web designers will use state of the art web designing tools and software. It is good to know that many web designing software are being introduced to the market on a random basis. Professional web designers will use only the best web software available in the market. They will create impressive layout and graphic designs for your websites.

Web Development

                         Web Site Design Works

Make sure that the web-designing firm can also provide you with advanced SEO solutions. Search engine optimization is also a crucial factor when it comes to website creations. Advanced SEO solutions will make sure that your website is appearing on the top pages of numerous search engines. This will drive a huge deal of internet traffic toy your website. Your prospective customers will be able to get a good view about the services and products that you have to offer by visiting your website.

The web designing firm should also be able to provide prompt updates so that your website will always have optimal webpage rankings.