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If you do not have any qualms about putting in some effort rather than shelling out a lot of money to somebody else, you can create a decent quality website in no time. Although this would suffice when you are working on a startup and are working to get the business rolling, you might have to hire professional services once your website gathers service. A good website needs frequent modifications and various other features apart from never rolling over belly-up however high the web traffic might spike.

If you are keen on starting a website, you need to know the best web design that works every time it is employed as well various other design tools that are at the disposal of anybody who is willing to use them. Here are some of the few.

Free Web Design Tools

  • Color Scheme Generators: If you have trouble figuring out which color goes along with what and need some help, this online color combination generator will assist you with the decision. A different yet attractive color scheme is extremely curious because you need to attract the attention of your viewers as well as retain it.
  • HTML Validators: You do not want to run an entire set of codes just to realize they are not fully compliant with the standards. Using this tool, you can check your code for errors as you make them.
  • Clipart: If you are not capable of designing your own designs, you can browse through various free clipart to help you catch the best image that would suit all your needs.
  • Fonts: Fonts also determine the attention span of your readers. It must look attractive at first glance and then completely blend in to go unobservable once the viewer starts reading the text. A fancy text that is difficult to decipher is the worst font you could choose!
  • Web Space: Once you have all the code, design and graphics to suit your website, you still need to host your website in order to bring it online. There are several free web hosting services that are available although most such services will display ads all throughout your website.
  • Domain Space: Getting an appropriate Domain space is an extremely important part of making your dream website.

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Don’t let the so-called “experts” fool you! You do not need to shell out big money in order to create a website that will generate traffic, attention and is functional. The best web design along will the services you provide determines how successful your website will turn out to become.

Basics Of Web Page Designing

Web Page Design

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Until recent days, there was no need for people to create a web site for business purposes and many have not been thinking of creating one, let alone making money through their website. Everyone started going after website development with a good web page design after the arrival of digital and social media marketing. Now almost every business has a website and promotes its business through the website. In fact, most people try to make business deals with only those companies that have a valid website.

These days, people never go in the market for buying things or getting services, they just search over the internet and get the service of the company that has a well-maintained website with good web page design. So there is much need for good web designers in the industry. For becoming a master in the field, first you need to know the basics of web designing. Here we discuss the basic factors required for creating a good web design.

  • One of the first things that you need to consider before you even start building a web page is a good design. Make sure that the web design you choose will effectively communicate with the users about your company and your policies. You also need to make sure how many web pages you need for the website. In short, first you need to make a rough design of the complete website.
  • The next thing that you need to take care of is the structure of the website. Many confuse
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    design and structure to be same, when they are not. While design is merely a concept of the website, structure is the backbone of the site. It is the structure of the website that determines where to go when you click on specific links and buttons. In short, one could say that the structure of the website determines where to place items on the site.

  • One of the main areas in which many people crumble is in the simplest part- fonts. You need to select a font that goes well with your website design. While selecting the font you need to make sure that the font makes reading the content in the website easy.
  • Next thing you need to consider is selecting the colors to go with your website. It always better to select a color that is present in the logo of your business.

If you keep in mind the simple factors given above, you will be able to create a good web design within no time.

Tips To Improve The Design Of Your Website

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If you are thinking of creating a new website, then you might be looking to get good designs to use in your web pages. Having a good web design for your website will increase the visibility of your website, so that people stay longer on your site. Before you go on with the decision to make a website, you must first create a proper plan and design for all pages, starting from the welcome page to the sales pages. Only if all the pages have necessary content that would entice the interests of the visitor would you be able to keep him in your site for long.

Normally people will not stay long in a website that has a poor web design. If the website is not up to the standards, then people will not feel the urge to make a purchase from the site. In an effort to make your website more presentable, never add some unnecessary animations or flash to your website, as it will slow down the web site and this will depend on the response time of websites. Most people do not want to see animations, they just want to see your product, look through it and if they like it, they will make the purchase and leave the site.

If you add animations to the web design, you will be slowing down the website and most people hate it when a web page does not load fast. Some would not even bother to stay until your site loads. For getting better business from internet, you need to have a website that has a good design, quality content and fewer animations. People are not looking to see animations or graphics so filter them out and provide more space for marketing your products.

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When you create articles about product or service descriptions, make sure to keep it in a simple language. Never add technical jargons with the article or description as normal people might not understand a thing reading it. However if you are not able to limit the usage of jargons, use them only after defining the meaning of the word. It will be better if you include a social plug-in in your website, so that the users will be able to easily share an article or product they liked on your site through their social accounts.

Never forget to create a good landing page for your website if you wish to generate good income from the same.

Some Common Web Development Software

Free Web Design Software

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One of the best features of website design software is that it allows you to build websites easily without having to know all of the HTML codes necessary for creating layouts and designs. Most of the free web design software allow users to create layouts and designs fast and some even allow the users to directly upload the created web page to the hosting server. One of the main doubts that anyone might have when they are trying to create a new web design or page using web development software is whether they need to know any HTML codes.

Even though having knowledge about HTML is an added advantage, it is not a necessity for creating websites using web development software. There are many free web design and development software available in the market that will help you in designing great web layouts and pages with ease. Here we discuss some of the most commonly used software.

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Macromedia Dreamweaver is now known by the name Adobe Dreamweaver. Adobe acquired Macromedia recently. The software is one of the best in the class and hides the HTML content while the person is designing a page. This makes working with the software easy for people who have no idea about HTML codes. After Adobe acquired the software, they improved support for Web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and various server-side scripting languages and frameworks like ASP.

Coffee Cup Software

Best Web Design Software

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This software is known better for hosting two editors in one. The web design software allows the users to design and view the CSS and HTML codes at the same time. One of the greatest plus points of using the free web design software is that it hosts about forty free templates for the users to choose for their website design.

Personal Web Kit

This is one of the best web design software that is completely available as a freeware and requires the users to have practically zero knowledge about the HTML codes. The Personal Web Kit software will help the users in inserting pictures from a digital camera to the web page, adding new web pages to the website and uploading the finished website to the hosting server.

You can download all of the above mentioned software from their official sites or you may choose to get a copy of the software from a store in your locality.

Professional Web Design Firms To Avoid Pitfalls

Web Design Company

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At the first glance, it may seem that hiring a web design company can be a huge expense, but this is not the reality. The web design companies bring with them many experienced professionals. To make a truly professional, well-designed website, a business will have to hire graphic designers, programmers, and content writers. That would all add up and cost more than hiring a web design company to make a professional website for your firm. Even better, the graphic designers, programmers, and writers who work for the firm know the strengths and weaknesses of each other and have the experience working as a team.

This team will be able to make a unified website that is made up of complimentary components. A business owner who is hiring these professionals separately will have to assemble them and the individual pieces of work by each of them into a coherent website and this is not an easy task. Now we can consider those business owners who do not want to hire anyone to make the website for their firm. Those people who try to make the website for themselves have a whole different set of issues.

Coherent Website

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There needs to be a graphic designer, a content writer, a layout expert, and the programmer. That is many hats for a person to wear, especially if the person has no previous experience in the field of web designing. Learning the programming end of web designing alone can prove to be a very big challenge, especially if your website needs many advanced things like shopping cart, user accounts, and many other dynamic features. Designing custom graphics can also prove to be a very big challenge for you. After you make the website, you will have to do the search engine optimization works. Without proper search engine optimization, your website will not be ranked highly on the search engine results.

From the above discussion, it must be clear the sheer amount of work it takes to make a website, which is overwhelming and mind blowing. There is no guarantee that the website will be good if you do it yourself. With all these concerns, it is clear why a business owner should hire a web design company to make their website. In addition to taking large amount of work off the plate, the final website would be professional, user friendly and much secure.

The A To Z Of Creative Web Design

Web Design Inspiration

Web Design

You may have heard of creative web design or maybe you are in search of a creative web design firm to make a website for your business. When it comes to creative web design, there is a very long planning process involved. You will have to mockup a framework, come up with suitable color scheme, layout, and finally the graphics to support the complete website. All of this work has to be taken into consideration before you start coding out the website in HTML or CSS.

As in the case of any creative project, these steps take time. If you are not a creative person, you may expect some other creative person to crank out a creative project in the shortest possible time. But things usually do not work that way. You should understand that the creative people are not creative round the clock. This means that there is a creative time that is spent planning, organizing, and getting the necessary web design inspiration from other sources. Brainstorming ideas and concepts, and then seeing how they can be translated to real world applications is crucial. At times, the concepts may not translate well into what you may have originally expected. In such a situation, you will have to step back or modify the original plan.

Programming Side

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Web design is a two-part process. You will have to design everything first, and then code everything that you have designed. Usually the first designs are done in Photoshop as a simulation of what the website will look like after coding it out. Once you get a website the way you or the client wants it to look, you can move to the process of translating the design into a website. In a sense, it is actually a long process of design and a short process of coding. If you are working on integrating some functionality into your site, then that will take more time on the programming side. The programming side is also known as the backend.

After getting the necessary web design inspiration, you can start the process of designing the pages for your website. One of the main constraints in this whole process is budget. If the project that you are currently working on does not allow for time, it should have this creative flexibility and space to do it right.

Designing Websites Free Of Cost


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As you all know, websites have become part and parcel of every business. A good website helps businesses to reach more people and thereby boost the business. Now, if you are running a small firm, you may not have a huge sum to pay to a web design company. If your firm is located in the Los Angeles area, you can find numerous Los Angeles web design firms. However, if you do not have the funds to set aside for web design, then it is advisable that you find free web designs online. So, how can you build a website? Let us find out.

The first place to begin your web design is from the internet. There are hundreds of websites, which offer you a wide range of web design templates. Keep in mind that there are paid templates and free ones. Since you are looking for a free web design, download the free ones which you think would suite your ideas for the website. Once you download the templates, you can start designing your website. Once the work with the templates is over, you can use various tools to spice up the design. HTML generators are used for this purpose.


                               Web Design Templates

In addition to the templates, some websites help you with the coding part. The open source software provided by the website will help you to write codes for the website. Now, if you do not know coding, you may make use of other simple tools that helps you with the work by following its simple tutorials. The advantage of these tools is that they can be easily used to customize their website and make necessary changes to the design and templates.

In addition to the above tools, you may make use of the various other design tools in the market. These tools are usually used to modify an existing website. The HTML generators in the tool would help you to generate gadgets for your website. Once the website is ready, you may search for web hosting companies that offer you free services. This will help you to cut down the cost further.

With this, you can build a website free of cost. If you have designed the website attractively, then it is going to attract more customers to the website and thereby to your business. Once your business thrives, you may avail the services of a Los Angeles web design company and further make necessary additions to the website.

Templates In Dreamweaver

Web Design Templates

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There are many web design software programs available providing quality HTML templates. However, Dreamweaver – the most popular website design software – takes this concept to another level altogether, by providing web design templates that allow you to create basic designs of a page and control the sections that can and cannot be modified. This is without doubt the most valuable feature of the program, especially when working with a team of website developers with varying skills.

Templates are really useful when you are creating a number of web pages that share similar characteristics, such as navigation elements or background color. So, instead of setting precise properties for every page or making the same changes again and again, page after page, it is better to use a template for making changes to all the pages collectively.

One of the most beneficial aspects of using the Dreamweaver template feature is that it allows you to specify the areas where the template can be modified. This is particularly beneficial if you are working with group web designers having different knowledge in HTML coding.

You can assign a more experienced designer to design a page that a less experienced designer may mess up later on in the development process. Keeping that in mind, you can create a template that has editable areas as well as locked or non-editable portions. It is best to use editable regions for content that has to be modified occasionally. When it comes to the locked regions though, you can use it for static or unchanging content, like your logo or some site-navigation elements.

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It is also possible to make changes to any region of the file when you are editing the template. However, editing a document created using a template is not the same. In this, you can only make changes to those regions of the document that are editable. While changing a template after it is created, the software provides an option of having these changes reflected in all the pages that you have created using that particular template.

Overall, we can say that creating a template in Dreamweaver is as easy as creating any other file in the web design program. You can modify an existing HTML document to suit your needs, or create a completely new document. Saving a file as a template means the file will automatically be stored in the template folder.

Try out this amazing software today. It is definitely beneficial and one, which enhances convenience.

Where To Find Free Web Design Templates

Web Design Templates

                      Free Web Design Templates

Not everyone has the means to hire an experienced web designer to have his/her website designed properly. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites offering free web design templates. Although these free templates do not look unique because they might have already been used by many, they are a boon for budding entrepreneurs who don’t have any means to hire a skilled website designer.

Advantages of website design templates 

The following are the key advantages of web design templates.

Saves time

Getting your website designed by a professional website designer might take a long time. You have to wait and wait until he completes the design. On the other hand, you don’t have to wait even for a second if you are using free templates.


Most of the web templates are free. You don’t have to pay for them. You can simply download them from the websites that host them and use them to design your website.

Where to find free templates?

In fact, there are multiple places where you will be able to find free website design templates. They are online site builders, online template sites, online tutorial sites and online web hosts. Look for the appropriate type of templates in all these places. I am sure you will find your ideal design template from any of these locations.

Online template sites

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Online template sites are considered the largest locations where one can find free design templates. In fact, these sites get templates from users who submit them there. There is no problem with using these templates on your website because the users who submit their templates on these sites have agreed to share their templates for free. The best part is that the templates in online template sites are well categorized in logical order so you don’t have any problem finding the most appropriate template for your site. You can find the templates based on the theme of your website.

Online site builders

If you are someone who has never had any experience using free web design templates available online, you should make use of the online site builders because they can help you with each step in designing your website the way you wish.

Well, I am sure you got some idea about making use of free website design templates from various sources. Evaluate each option carefully before you make your final choice.

Modern Web Designing Trends

Responsive Web Design

             Advanced Web Design Works

You can see that responsive web design or RWD is in fact the web design approach that is primarily aimed at creating websites with one basic intention. It is to provide the web page visitor with a top-notch viewing experience. RWD enables people to enjoy fast and hassle free navigation with minimal scrolling, resizing and panning thorough the web pages and on different types of devices. These devices can range from smart phones, laptops and desktops. Read along to know more about the advantages of RWD.

Responsive web design

A website that is created with responsive web design automatically makes the layout to be adapted with the viewing environment. This is made possible with the help of CSS3 media queries, proportion based grids, flexible images and the extension of the media rule. The fluid grid concept always call for the page element structuring or sizing to be formatted mainly in relative units such as percentages instead of using absolute units such as points or pixels.

At the same time, the flexible images created to make websites are also structured in relative units. This is mainly done to stop the images from being displayed outside the main containing element. The media queries will also enable the pages to utilize various CSS style rules that are mostly based on the main characteristic features of the device on which the website is being displayed.

The CSS frameworks are also known as pre-prepared frameworks created with the main intention of creating advanced web design works. These advanced web design works also make use of Cascading Style Sheets language. Most of the CSS frameworks contain at least one grid.  Additional functional frameworks come with extra features and more JavaScript based functions. Adding to that, these extra functional frameworks are mainly unobtrusive and design oriented.

Fluid Grid

                          Web Designing Options

CSS frameworks provide different tools such as the reset stylesheet, web typography, the styling for tooltips, equalizer for creating equal height content and iconfonts. This year is expected to have a boom in the adoption of long page web designs and unified effects. Parallax is another great effect that can be used for making the different layers of the web pages move at different times.

The websites created with parallax will always be visually stunning. Besides that, these sites will always encourage users to keep scrolling and explore more content from the website. The key page elements of the website will also include numerous headers.